Save Space with a Wall-Mounted TV in Blackpool, Lancashire

Save space on your floor and enjoy watching your favourite shows in bed thanks to our TV wall mounting. The engineers at TRU-VIEW Aerial Contractors, in Blackpool, Lancashire, will visit your property and advise upon the best place to put the new unit. They will then carry out a complete TV installation that works around your current home entertainment system.

Preparing and Planning

Prior to the installation of your new television, we will survey your property and discuss with you the exact positioning of your system. All aspects will be taken into account, ensuring that we are fully prepared for the process.

Installing Television Sets

No matter the size of your television, our expert installers will accurately fit your LCD, plasma, or home cinema system in multiple rooms throughout your home. Working to a high standard, the engineers will connect your new TV to your home entertainment system if necessary and will also complete hard disk and DVD setup when required.

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Using Quality Fixtures

In order to keep your television safe, it is important for the highest quality of wall fixing, mounts, and brackets to be used during the installation process. This will prevent your new set from becoming loose and potentially coming away from, or falling off, the wall. Although customers have often purchased the fixtures themselves, we are able to supply them if necessary.

Wiring and Cabling

Avoid having unappealing cables lying around your room by asking our engineers to hide the wiring. Working alongside a trusted company we carry out the electrical work and plastering necessary to conceal them throughout the room.

An Individual Quote

At TRU-VIEW Aerial Contractors we understand that each individual job is completely different. Because of this, we offer a free quotation which is tailored to your service, ensuring that you do not pay more than is necessary