Watch TV from Every Room of Your Home in Blackpool, Lancashire

With a multi-room television, you have complete control of your viewing experience from anywhere within your home or property. At TRU-VIEW Aerial Contractors, in Blackpool, Lancashire, we conduct multi-room installation and configuration that provides you with instant access to your digital television system from a room of your choice.

Television Access throughout the House

By installing extra points in different rooms, you will be able to connect a television set and stream the images directly from the main box. This is perfect for busy families, allowing you to watch television while making tea or when drifting off to sleep. Also, through the use of an infrared magic eye system, each viewer is given control of the main set-top box, permitting them to change the channel without moving.

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Utilising Different Channels

While some customers are content with watching the same show in different rooms, many of our customers require multi-room viewing ability so that they are able to watch alternate programmes simultaneously. We are able to install the multi-room system to provide viewers with independent channel control of their room, meaning multiple programmes are being streamed throughout the home. The system offers endless possibilities and is capable of distributing Sky™, Freesat™, Freeview™, and satellite television, as well as VCR, DVD, radio, and CCTV images.

Saving You Money

Customers are able to receive all of this with just a single, one-off payment to TRU-VIEW Aerial Contractors. Service providers will often add to your current subscription, or even create an extra bill in order to add further systems in your home.