IMPROVING YOUR Security Needs 

CCTV Security for Homes and Businesses in Blackpool, Lancashire

Protect your communal space, home, or business with our state-of-the-art CCTV systems. At TRU-VIEW Aerial Contractors, in Blackpool, Lancashire, we offer clients CCTV installation that provides a visual deterrent for intruders, as well as recording video footage for use in capturing any wrongdoing. Even when you are not there, you have peace of mind that your property is safe.

The Most Advanced Systems

By utilising the latest technological advances, we are able to supply the finest CCTV systems that are far more than just deterrents. Although they have proven to reduce crime significantly, our cameras also have a number of state-of-the-art features, including:

The Most Advanced Systems

  • HD Images That Offer Exception Clarity and Detail, Even in Poorly Lit Areas

  • Continuous Recording Using a Standalone Digital Video Recorder for 24-Hour Protection

  • Infrared Night Vision to Record Footage in Pitch Black Areas

  • Smartphone, iPhone™, and iPad™ Connectivity for Portable Viewing

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Proudly Serving Customers within a 30-Mile Radius of Blackpool

Protecting Your Home

With our CCTV systems, you are able to monitor your home without spending a fortune. Our domestic cameras store digital images on a hard drive, allowing the owner to download the footage or review it either locally or remotely via the Internet.

Covering Communal Locations

For clients in shared locations, we are able to stream camera footage directly to your wall-mounted television system. This will allow residents to see street doors, car parks, or any other camera through an additional TV channel.

Securing Business Premises

In the past videotape was used to record footage, however, this became an unreliable system that lacked clarity. Digital recorders are now used, and store images as digital files on hard disc drives, meaning the user is capable of copying footage to a DVD for long-term archiving without degrading the quality

Free CCTV Quotations

Because every installation is slightly different, it is impossible to provide an accurate CCTV quotation without a site survey being carried out first. Therefore, before we provide a price, one of our team will visit your premises to discuss your needs and make recommendations on which solution is best to implement your security/CCTV system. To discuss your requirements in more detail and to arrange your free consultation, please contact us.